Wednesday, July 16, 2014

NES outing

Hi everyone!  Let me introduce you to NES.  NES is our 7 year old shorthaired grey and white kitty.  He is the most loving and calm cat you will ever meet.  He is so sweet and even tempered that I'm convinced he could make even the nastiest cat haters love him. 
NES was born on the south side of Chicago.  His owner didn't want him (or any of his siblings) and threatened to throw them in the trash.  I rescued this little one (and his brother and sister who live in California) from an awful and certain death.  He has lived with me in Detroit and San Diego and now we're back in his home town of Chicago.

When we moved here, we were without jobs and needed to quickly find an apartment, so we settled for a quaint little studio.  Although the place isn't without its charm it is rather small for NES to run around. I know it's temporary until our lease is up, but sometimes I feel so bad having him cooped up in here.  So, to help him get his exercise and give him some fresh air, Roibeard and I have been taking him out on walks every few weekends. 
There is only one problem...he HATES being outside.  He is terrified of the outside world.  We take him in the courtyard because it's quiet and there are always very few people around.  Still, he is one major fraidy cat.  All he wants is to be back inside.  All we want is for him to happily frolic and enjoy the sunshine for a bit.
The thing is though...the second he actually gets back inside...he cries to go back out!!!  After the fact he convinces himself that he had a grand old time.
Don't let the eyes fool you...he is secretly loving this.

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