Monday, July 14, 2014

IRELAND! part 1 belfast: arrival

Yay!  Ireland!  Yes, that's right!  After over a year of planning Roibeard and I finally made it to Ireland.  The trip was partly to meet his family, partly to look for wedding locations, and partly a vacation.  All around though it was amazing.  Too cheesey?  Too bad.
Since we were there for two weeks and took sooooo many photos I am going to share these with everyone (with anyone?  hello?  anyone?)  over the course of a few installments.
I have to admit that before I visited, when I pictured it in my mind my fiancé was from Hobbiton. That's right, complete with little cottages under green hills, music and dancing every night, the occasional dragon slaying, and breakfast, elevensies, afternoon tea, lunch, dinner, supper.....
As the trip got closer Roibeard became increasingly worried of my askew fantasies.  First of all, not only was the Hobbit not a work of Irish literature, but also he grew up in gritty Belfast during the tale end of the troubles.  He feared that I would be greatly disappointed when I got there.
The thing he wasn't taking into consideration was that I was experiencing this city for the first time.  Each day was unique and special to me.  I loved and cherished every moment of it and helped him to see around the troubled past of his city and through the eyes of an outsider.


1) One of our first days in Belfast we took a trip to city hall.  It's one of our wedding location ideas.  (Basically if we can't afford a castle, this is our back up).  You can't see the building much, but I like that Roibeard looks so natural here. 
2) We came across this brightly painted gazebo just outside of city hall.  I liked the way it looked against the grey feel of the city.
3 & 4) Roibeard and I playing on a music installation downtown.  Not all of the "keys" worked, but it was fun to hop around and add to the urban sounds around us.
5)Bigfish mosaic sculpture on Donegall Quay.  The scales are covered in newspaper clippings, text, and images that relate to Belfast history.
6) We found an old telephone box while exploring and had some fun with it.  I'm pretty sure now a days it is used as a toilet.
7) Mural from the New Lodge area.  I found some of these murals to be so haunting.
8) More murals from Now Lodge.  Roibeard used to play in this area when he was a boy.  He told me so many wonderful stories of him and his "gang" running around these streets as children...up to no good, of course.


  1. Sea bird, what is your facebook?

    i miss midwest mayhem cat princess

  2. It's so good to give into those fantasies of what you think place are like. But the most fun thing about new places is seeing how everything actually is, and how it's way better than fantasy cause you're there!!

    Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures and hear about it! Glad you're blogging again, I'm setting aside a night a week for me, because I truly do miss it, and all of you guys!

    Sparrow & Urchin

    1. Oh my gosh, it was so much better than my fantasy! Looking forward to seeing you start blogging again!