Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Easter 2017

For Easter this year Roibeard, Micheal, and myself all headed over to Michigan to visit with the family.  It's about a 5 hour trip on average, but with a little one it takes about 7 hours by car.  We drove on the way there and took the train on the way back. 

Micheal loves my aunt's dog, Molly.  He also had a blast going over to my mom's house and playing with her cats, Tom Cat and Penelope.  He's definitely a little animal lover in the making.  He's always so sweet and gentle.  Once in awhile he'll get a little carried away and grab at them or tug on an ear, but for the most part he knows to be gentle.  He kept wanting Molly to give him kisses.  It was adorable. 

Micheal did a couple of Easter egg hunts over the weekend and he did surprisingly well at catching onto the concept of finding eggs.  In fact, he enjoyed it so much that once he found all of the eggs he starting scattering them again just so that he could find them one more time!

The train ride back was a little hectic. He's pretty good in the car seat because it's so warm and cozy...but on the train he has discovered that he can run around.  I had to choose between a screaming toddler or a toddler that runs up and down the aisles for 5 hours.  We chose the aisles with Roibeard and I taking turns chasing him.  Overall though, it was a really nice trip.  I was so happy to see Micheal opening up to everyone a bit more on this trip.  I think he's starting to learn who's who in the family. :)