Sunday, January 3, 2016

Holiday Market

Oh my gosh, a post!  A small amount of free time!  I've probably sat down to write this blog entry about 10 times over the past few weeks and every time Micheal decides to throw a tantrum and I have to go comfort him.  Oh babies.  Whatcha gonna do.

These photos were taken at the beginning of December when Roibeard, baby, and I all went to the Holiday Market in downtown Chicago.  We try to go every year.  It makes the holiday season feel official.  It was nice to have a chance to get dressed up in my vintage dress...even if it meant just throwing a big winter coat on as we left.  But hey...look...pre-pregnancy clothes!  Okay, so this is one of the few, but's happening.  

We spent Christmas with my family in Michigan and this little bugger got a TON of presents.  He was so happy.  He went right for the wrapping paper!!  I was so surprised, I really thought he was too young to care about opening presents, but he just went for it (with some help, of course).

It was his first train trip and overall he was very well behaved.  He did poop like every 5 minutes though.  Have you every tried to change a wiggly baby on a train with no changing station?  It's a bit tricky.  Still, he was a (mostly) good baby.

The sleep deprivation has gotten better as Micheal now sleeps through the night...but I still find myself exhausted all of the time.  Right now for's an hour past my bed time and I'm falling asleep typing this.  So here is where I shall leave you.

Thanks for reading!