Thursday, December 1, 2016

Baby Meals

Micheal is such an amazing eater.  There are only a few things that he won't eat.  Zucchini and carrots are amongst those few things, but he will eat them if I secretly add them to a puree. Muhaha.  Evil mama laugh. Roibeard and I are both vegetarian and we are raising Micheal a vegetarian as well.  We do our best to make sure that he eats mostly home-cooked meals made with simple ingredients. I do a lot of batch cooking, so his purees and side dishes are usually already prepared.  I freeze everything that I batch cook into little baby portions using ice cube trays.  At night I thaw a bunch of stuff for the next day and add it to his meals.  As a result Micheal gets all of the good stuff at every meal.  Well, we try anyway. 

Here is what a typical day looks like for us:


-Zucchini and Corn Soup
-Oatmeal with triple berry puree
-Fresh fruit


-Plain Yogurt (no sugar)
-Avocado slices
-Gnocchi with marinara sauce and a pinch of parmesan cheese


- Pumpkin and Lentil Puree
-Kiwi with Plain Yogurt (no sugar)
-Pasta with fresh tomato