Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Green City Farmer's Market

Today is my day off.  This is important because I don't get many days off, so I when I do get a day off I need to take advantage of it.  Unfortunately this usually means waking up early to have a meaningful adventure with Roibeard before he himself has to get to work (what's even more rare than a day off is a day that we both have off...).  So far we have near failed at the farmer's market two weeks in a row.  The market is only open until 1 PM on Wednesdays and both times we have arrived after noon.  Last week was even more awkward as we assumed we would find a bank on the way (we didn't) and arrived with no cash.  That's right, we were the jerk eating all of the free samples and not buying anything.  This week we were a little better off as we brought cash, but the vendors were closing up about 15 minutes after we arrived.  Still, we managed to pick up a bunch of Kale, some delicious cherries, and two types of fancy cheese.  I love cheese.  Oh!  Also, I got a delicious crepe with organic honey.  Mmmmmm. 

Moving on, I was so happy to have a chance to wear my long vintage dress and floral hat.  I can't really wear these things at work because they would be covered in coffee within seconds if I did.   Also, I have to say that while I felt right at home in my flower child attire in California I feel a bit odd wearing it here in Chicago.  I don't mean that I get strange looks or anything, (okay, maybe I get a few looks, but most people compliment me) but I feel out of place with the big city as my back drop.  Especially when I'm in the subway stations.  A dress like this needs hills and the ocean!



  1. Gorgeous dress!

    Keep on being you. Most Chicagoans have little sense of individual style (and are hardcore-starers as I've found after being here 10 years) but it's super-refreshing to see someone actually doing their own thing! :)

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words!