Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Week 30

Oh my gosh - only 10 weeks left!!  Eep!  It's so soon! I feel like we still have so much to do and so little time.  I've reworked my work schedule a bit so instead of working from 7am-11am at the café and then 6pm-11pm at the cinema I'm now working 12pm-6pm at the cimema.  So my work day starts around 7am and ends around 6pm and afterwards I am free to do what I wish.  Which, after working for 11 hrs isn't very much.
I'll only be working at the café until the end of June though.  I cannot stress enough how much I am looking forward to a bit of a break.  I work on my feet at the café, which isn't as terrible as it sounds.  It's actually a great way to get my daily exercise in.  Some days are more difficult than others but overall it is getting to be just to much.  My goal was to remain at the café until the end of July.  I usually don't get many shifts at the cinema this time of year because for indie cinemas the summer is actually the slow season.  However, since we're short staffed at the moment I've been getting a lot of shifts which means I can leave the café and only work the cinema job for the remainder of the pregnancy.
Way back when I first found out that I was preggo I remember being happy that I would be delivering in the summer.  I wouldn't have to buy a new winter coat, try to stuff my huge feet into my boots, or waddle through the snow.  I am still grateful of the fact that I will not be delivering under those conditions.  However...all of the pregnancy books, articles, and classes have not lied when they have said that summer pregnancies are a b****.  My feet, legs, and ankles are swollen all of the time.  All I want to eat are popsicles and ice cream (okay, to be fair that actually applies to most summers).  I cannot breath.  Roibeard has told me that I sound like Darth Vader when I sleep at night.  Add 80% humidity to the list and you'll get one miserable preggo.  To make things worse I am over heated 90% of the day.  You know how amazing that first blast of air conditioning can be on a really unbearable hot summer day?  It has absolutely no effect on me.  None.


Okay, okay, I don't mean to sound too negative on here.  I don't want to scare anyone with my tales of misery.  It's just that when I'm out and about and talking to people and they ask me how I feel I know they are not asking for a laundry list of my symptoms.  So I have to smile and tell everyone I'm alright as I swallow a bit of my lunch that has crept back up due to my wonderful acid reflux that I'm now experiencing.  This is my place to vent and vent I shall. Also, I just think it's good to be open with this stuff.  Making a baby is hard work.
I tend to be a hopeless romantic in all aspects of life.  I once volunteered at a flower shop over Valentine's Day because I thought it would be adorable and a lot of fun.  I even got all gussied up in my pink and red outfit and heels.  Big mistake.  After spending eight hours in an unheated room with blood dripping down my hands from shoving wire up rose stems I learned a valuable lesson...Valetine's Day is the worst.  Oh yeah, and things usually don't turn out as glorious as I picture them in my head.  I've always imagined pregnancy as a magical time in a woman's life.  A time that is full of belly rubs, amazing glowing skin, and all the food you can possibly eat - guilt free.  Oh man...I was so wrong.
On a more positive note, the biggest plus I can think of about having a late summer baby is he'll be here just in time for autumn to start.  I'll have three months of (hopefully) great weather to explore the city with my little guy and it will all have been worth it.  Plus....adorable baby Halloween costume.
Also, on a more random note - sometimes it really is the little things that help to get me through the rough patches.  The other day I went to see Love & Mercy, which for those of you who don't know is a biopic covering the life of Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys.  It really was a great film and I fully recommend it.  Anyway, one of the reasons that my experience watching it was so positive was because every time the music would start up little Micheal would start dancing around in my tummy.  It made me smile every time. :)

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