Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Week 28

Wow, I have been a terrible blogger lately.  It's just so difficult with working two jobs and having a broken computer.  The computer is kind of sort of working now which is why I am able to update. 
Anyway this post is a bit of a mishmash of photos.  The photos above are from our trip to the lake during the first really nice day that we had in May.  It was around 80 and sunny and it was absolutely gorgeous by the lake.  Roibeard and I set up a blanket and lied back and discussed our excitement and fears of upcoming parenthood. 

More maxi love!  Seriously, the larger I get the less I want to wear clothes altogether.  Since I hear that's illegal in the state of Illinois I tend to settle for flowy maxi dresses.  I wish I had a few more to get me through summer, but I don't want to keep spending money on clothes that aren't going to fit me in a few months.  Hmmmm....maybe I'll just do one more trip to the thrift store?  I'm so bad.
I did actually just get an adorable white vintage dress while I was home in Michigan this weekend!  Which takes us to...the baby shower!

This weekend Roibeard and I hopped a train to Detroit to celebrate our baby shower.  The forecast threatened rain and storms all weekend but it ended up being beautiful.  My family did an excellent job hosting everything and I was so pleased and grateful with the outcome (thanks again guys!).  Unfortunately I was only able to get a shot of the table set up before the decorations were added, but we had a cute little "under the sea" theme to match our nursery.  I really hope little Micheal grows up loving the sea and has an innate desire for travel and adventure just like his parents.
I booked the rest of the week off from the cinema to give myself a little time to rest and set up the nursery.  I'm still working part time at the café this week, but it's still a little bit of a breather from my usual hectic and busy work days.
It's so hard to believe there's only 12 more weeks to go...

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