Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 13

You may think that I'm referring to week thirteen of this dreaded winter.  Although I cannot wait for this winter to end, what I'm actually referring to is....a baby!!!  Yep!  I'm 100% pregnant!  Roibeard and I couldn't be happier.  We are still waiting on an official due date, but most likely it will be the end of August.

For the most part I'm not showing too much yet.  You can tell a bit when I'm wearing more form fitting clothes.  Right now it looks more like I gained too much holiday weight...and am still hoarding a secret stash of cookies and egg nog.  I'm definitely looking forward to the cute baby bump phase.  Which is not too far off considering I'm just about starting my second trimester.

My first trimester has been pretty rough.  I am so glad to have gone through this part in the winter though. The morning sickness has been really awful.  I'm sick all day.  I can barely even sit through a film these days.  I'm also always exhausted and fatigued.  Like I said though, I'd much rather go through this part now when it's freezing cold and I don't want to leave my apartment anyway than suffer during the summer and miss out on all the amazing weather and things to do.

We just started working a bit on the nursery.  We live in a one plus apartment, so space is a little limited.  We use the "plus" room as an office and that is where we keep our cat's litter boxes, so it's not really ideal for a bedroom.  So, we decided to give the baby our bedroom.  We currently have our bed in the living room.  We spent all of last year in a studio apartment, so it's not too unusual for us.  Unfortunately since we rent we probably won't be able to do any painting.  We'll find other ways of bringing a little color to the room though.  Adding the painting to the wall is just the beginning.  EEEEKKK!  I am just so excited!!

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