Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Michigan Time! Ann Arbor

Over Christmas Roibeard and I took an afternoon trip to Ann Arbor, Michigan.  We were heading back to Chicago from Detroit, so it was perfect because we had to drive through Ann Arbor anyway.  Every time I visit Michigan I try to show Roibeard around as much as possible.  Previous trips have included stops in Grand Rapids, Holland, Downtown Detroit, Hamtramck, Windsor, Ontario, and Point Pelee National Park in Ontario.



I have to admit that this was my first time exploring Ann Arbor as the person in charge.  In the past I would go with my friends or family and let them be the guide.  We parked right on the edge of downtown and then just walked around the city.  We stopped in the little vintage and antique shops and strolled through the U of M campus.  It was actually a really warm and sunny day.  I got a cute summer dress and a $1 book titled, "Songs of Friendship".  The book is an interesting collection of poems about the wandering/traveling lifestyle.  

Just for fun I thought I'd share a picture of Penelope.  My original little angel.  She now lives happily with my mom in Michigan.  When I moved to California it was too stressful for her and she started attacking my other cats.  I'm so lucky and grateful that my mom took her in so that she is still a part of the family.  I miss her like crazy!

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