Sunday, February 1, 2015

IRELAND! Bundoran.

Yep, there's still more Ireland posts to come!  I'm writing this while sitting in front of my window sipping my tea.  The snow has been falling in Chicago for the past 18 or so hours.  My windows are frosted over and the children outside are building snowmen in their front yards.  Running away to a magical seaside land is just what this morning calls for and looking back at these photos provides just the escape that I need.
This part of our trip was probably the most relaxing.  We weren't running around trying to catch buses or find hidden pathways to castles.  It was just miles and miles of sea.  We spent the day hopping around fairy bridges and fairy rocks.  It was like right out of a fairy tale.  We climbed, we hopped, we waded, we explored, and we had an overall amazing experience.

The whole time we were here I kept calling the town, "BUN-DURR-AN".  Roibeard would get so angry, "NO! It's BUN-DOOR-UN!"  Haha, I totally failed, but I tried to get it right.  Our accommodations were probably the most hotel-like of any of the other places that we stayed.  I remember as we were leaving we visited the hotel shop and it was the first time I had ever seen eggs non-refrigerated.  They were just sitting there on the shelf.  Not going bad.  Just being eggs. Oh Ireland.  I miss you.  


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