Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 14


Nothing quite like a little hair in your face to start off your week!  I have officially made it into the 2nd trimester.  I have been eagerly looking forward to this stage as everyone has told me the morning sickness and fatigue will end.  So far they are all wrong.  I'm nauseous/vomiting all through out the day and my body pretty much crashes by 8PM. 
We recently had another ultrasound done, this time at the hospital.  Their machine was much fancier than the one at the clinic and we got to see the baby in so much detail that it was hard to tell just what we were looking at half of the time!  We are still waiting on them to process the results so that we have a due date.  I wanted to stay in the hospital and watch "baby tv" all day, but unfortunately our appointment only lasted about 30 min.
This week I felt the baby for the first time!!!  It's a bit early to feel anything like a kick.  It just feels like a little butterfly is doing somersaults in my tummy, haha!  It's a weird sensation, but definitely a good one.
That feeling along with the ultrasound has started to put things into perspective for me.  It's easier for me to understand that there is a little person in there.  Before this the whole idea of something inside of me growing and eating my food has really freaked me out.


It will be interesting to see how this pregnancy effects my personal style.  It as already changed quite a bit for two huge reasons...a) when I moved from San Francisco I had to get rid of almost all of my vintage clothes...and b) working in a café means constantly being covered in coffee and soup.  Both of which stain easily.
Since the pregnancy started it has been all about comfort for me.  I packed up all of my clothes that I know I won't be wearing for months.  I'm not quite big enough to fit into maternity pants, but my jeans are way too uncomfortable.  In the meantime I bought a pair of jeggings two sizes larger than I would normally wear (the ones I'm wearing in these photos).  They are a little too big in the legs, but they fit so well over all that I'm willing to over look it.
Other than the maternity jeans and probably some maternity tank tops I don't plan on buying any other clothes that are specifically "maternity".  Instead I plan to thrift some cute summer clothes in larger sizes.  Maternity clothes are just too expensive, not really that cute, and you can only wear them for a few months.  So why bother?  I'd rather save the money for spoiling the baby later on.  :)

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