Thursday, August 13, 2015

IRELAND! A Day in the North



This post is a little photo heavy, so I'm just going to pop in with a quick word so that you have some context.  After Doolin (the Cliffs of Moher) we returned back to Belfast to spend a little more time with Roibeard's family.  The delicious cake was made by Roibeard's sister to celebrate our recent engagement.  We had a party at a local pub in the evening.  During the day we took a guided trip up to The Giant's Causeway with Roibeard's brother and mum.  There were a few stops along the tour that included a castle, whiskey distillery, and the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge.
The story of The Giant's Causeway involves two giants, Fionn MacCumhaill (the Irish giant) and Benandonner (the Scottish giant).  Fionn lived on the Antrim coast and one day gazed across the sea where he saw Benadonner.  The two challenged each other to a fight but neither had any way to get across the sea.  So Fionn began building a pathway that went from Ireland to Scotland.  Once it was complete and he finally got a glimpse of Benandonner up close he freaked out and feared his massive size.  Fionn retreated to Ireland with Benandonner following behind him.  Fionn convinced his wife, Oonagh to quickly disguise him as a baby.  When Benadonner barged in, he was terrified.  He saw the baby and thought, if that's just the size of the baby, what must the full grown giant look like?!  Benandonner raced back to Scotland and tore up the pathway as he went.  What is left of the path is now known as The Giant's Causeway.






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