Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Out like a....what?

Oh wow, it's hard to believe the last post I did was over Christmas!  It certainly has been awhile.  I whole heartedly wanted to keep up with this blog, but this winter has just been...brutal.
I'm reading my last post about the snow and how nice it was to wake up to every morning in December...if only I had known what was coming.
I've heard that this has been the worst winter in Chicago in 15 years.  I've heard that this has been the worst winter in Chicago in 100 years.  I've also head that this has been the worst winter in Chicago ever.  Whatever the case, it has been truly terrible in terms of weather and Roibeard, NES and I have mostly been in hibernation all winter long.
Which explains the lack of posts.  Anytime Roibeard and I did brave the cold to leave the apartment it was either too dark to take photos or so cold I'd risk frost bite if I exposed any section of skin.
Anyway, here's are some collages of our past few months:
1) Watching the river turn green (March)
2) Homemade NYE Gluten Free Pizza! (December)
3) Deep Freeze (-40 degrees...during the day!) (January)
4) NYE 2014 (December/January)
1) Academy Awards Cocktail Party (March)
2) Hancock Tower on a foggy evening (January)
3) Chicago river turns green (March)
4) Roibeard's 28th birthday (January)

Only one more day to brave until spring officially starts.  Too bad it's suppose to snow again this weekend...
So much for out like a lamb...

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  1. You are so adorable!

    And yeah, this winter has been the absolute worst. This was my 10th winter in Chicago and yeah - total hibernation mode the entire time. Bum out! Looks like you still found some fun things to do though!