Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 37


Well, we finally made it to the lake for beach day!  I mean it's only mid-July after all.  Chicago summers just seem to keep getting rainier and rainier.  The day these photos were taken we almost had to turn around because we started feeling drops.  After many failed attempts at beach day though I was determined to make this one work.  It was a bit chilly, and way too cold to swim, but at least the rain only lasted a little bit and we were able to enjoy ourselves and relax. 

I got my maternity swimsuit from Target (and I really hope that I'm able to wear it more than once).  It's a cute design - I'm really loving the simple black and white stripes.  However, it's like the person who designed it put all of their time into the shape of the belly and forgot about everything else.  Like, maybe some snaps or hooks on the bottom for easy access in the restroom?  Or a much, much more supportive built-in bra?  Seriously Target.  Come on.  The dress in the above photos is also from Target's maternity line.  As for that one I have no complaints.  It's navy and white nautical stripes are perfect for summer.  The sleeves are a nice touch and the skirt hits at just the right length.  So in the end I did break down and buy a few maternity pieces.  Only a few though.
With only three more weeks to go I'm not 100% sure how many more of these posts I'll be able to do.  I went to the doctor last week and was told that I was 1 cm dilated.  Eeeeeekkk!!  I was freaking out after I got this news.  Did it mean I was starting labor?  I'm not ready yet, there's still so much to get done!  I quickly found out that there was no need to worry and that most women are 1-2 cm dilated for several weeks.  Phew.  I felt so relieved.  However that same night I woke up in the early hours of the morning in pain like I have never experienced in my life.  At first I thought that I was straight up giving birth right then and there.  I had awful contractions and I could feel the baby's head against my pelvis.  There was so much pressure and discomfort that I didn't know what to do.  My tongue was really sore as I must have bitten down on it really hard while I was sleeping.  Also, one of my hands was so swollen that it looked like a cartoon glove.  I just lied there and moaned, unsure of what to do.  I was so tired and didn't want to be going into labor.  The moaning helped with the pain.  I also tried to work on my breathing which helped to calm me and keep me from screaming, "I'm in labor!!!" and waking up Roibeard.  After a little while the contractions settled down and became irregular again, so I knew it wasn't the real deal.
Still, that whole day gave me quite a scare and ever since I keep worrying that I'm going into labor.  Hopefully Micheal decides to wait a bit longer so I have a little more time to prepare for his arrival.  I'm just worried that the last few weeks are going to be so full of these random pains and that I'm going to find myself not wanting to do anything for fear of going into labor too far away from the hospital.  I've already had to tell Roibeard I couldn't accompany him downtown for that very reason.  I'm probably just extra paranoid, but since this is my first one I have no idea what to expect.
Soooooo....we'll see what next post could very well be from the other side.  See you there.

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