Saturday, July 20, 2013

Welcome to my new blog!

Hi!  I'm Cat Bird and I used to run the fashion blog, Midwest Mayhem.  Ever since I moved to California I struggled to keep Midwest Mayhem afloat.  I was working 15 hour days and blogging took a back seat to other things.  My posts will still have an element of fashion to them, but this new blog is actually going to be more of a lifestyle blog than anything else.  I want to capture real day to day moments and be able to write from an honest point of view about where I am in my life. 

Blogging was becoming a daily chore to me - edit 15 photos, update chictopia, weardrobe, facebook, twitter, prepare content for featured could get really stressful at times!  For me that completely took the fun out of it.

I've been meaning to get Sea Bird up and running ever since moving to San Francisco in December.  I've been dragging my feet though because well...I don't have a fancy camera and I no longer have any photo editing software to make up for it.  Finally I decided just to go for it!  Who cares!  So my photos might not look great...oh well.  It's memories that I'm looking to create.  There's too much that I have failed to document since moving here simply because I no longer have photoshop....I mean, how silly is that?

Maybe I won't have many readers since I don't have a fancy pants design (yet...also another thing that was holding me back from starting...I am working off of a really slow, stupid computer that can't handle any web design whatsoever...) and as stated above the photos may not be the greatest, but I'm creating a time capsule for myself and my future family to look back on. 

For now my aim is to post just once a week and really focus on the content.  I'll be posting photos from my phone, ipad, digital camera, disposable camera, and even my 35mm camera.  It's going to be a silly little scrap book of adventures and I would like to invite you to join along!

-Cat Bird

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